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Proponents also hoped that government intervention would be brief, but their view was that Amtrak would soon support itself. Popular support has allowed Amtrak to continue in operation longer than critics imagined, while financial results have made a return to private operation infeasible.

A Burlington Northern EMD F3 leads the North Coast Hiawatha into Yakima, Washington in July 1971, an example of early Amtrak "rainbow" consists, made up of equipment still painted in the colors of various freight cars Amtrak received no rail tracks or rights-of-way at its inception.

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After Fortune magazine exposed the manufactured mismanagement in 1974, Louis W.

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In late 1969 multiple proposals emerged in Congress, including equipment subsidies, route subsidies, and, lastly, a "quasi-public corporation" to take over the operation of intercity passenger trains.

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This article may be affected by the following current event: Du Pont train derailment.

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