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11-Jul-2017 19:22

I had magneto and carburetion troubles and finally burned-up pistons when gas tap shut off on last chance of a qualifying run.

He got my interest early on because of what he was doing and his advanced years...

Every now and again I get the urge to write about what I see and do and hear.

I am the eternal nomad and always on the move somewhere - whether it be nights out, trips away or just moving from country to country!!

We’re lucky in Bournemouth that we have such a wide range of attractions on our doorsteps to suit all ages, interests and budgets.

After all, it’s home to sweeping seascapes, grand Victorian architecture, the final resting place of Mary Shelley, author of Frankenstein and home to a Premiership football team.

The Court must have a record that the Sheriff served the summons.

The ADA can ask the judge to set a certain amount of bail or to not release the defendant at all.

I get chest pains and all kinds of symptoms and sensations all the time with anxiety and panic attacks and have been to the ER many times over the years.… continue reading »

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