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01-Oct-2017 23:09

Thanks to the shortage, Californians can only water their lawns two or three times a week (down from the usual four or five), and lawns across the state are now a nasty brown.

Hoping to keep things nice and tidy, some Californians have torn up their lawns, replacing the grass with rocks, native plants, or artificial substitutes.

He also says his paint is all-natural and won’t harm the environment in any way.

And according to Bartlett, his method is a whole lot cheaper than replacing your entire lawn with native plants. And then fans tear him apart, the media rips him to shreds, and psychos start sending death threats his way.

Jerry Brown issued mandatory water cutbacks of 25 percent.

And that’s pretty bad news if you’re a blade of grass.

And while he’s attending to the men, his wife Debrah is busy helping their significant others.

During the off-season, Pastor Dean leads a religious retreat for around 60 umpires who want a closer walk with God, and over the years, he’s baptized nearly 70 baseball officials.

He’s in this business because he cares about the men in blue.

Some call him “The Babymaker.” Others call him “The Sperminator.” The BBC even labeled him “Europe’s most virile man.” His real name is Ed Houben, and this Dutchman is something of a sperm donor, but he doesn’t deliver his seed in the usual way.

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