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25-Aug-2017 00:12

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These two may be my favorite guest pairing on WWHL ever.

That is going to take me a minute to comprehend, but I’d give it a shot.

’ It worked for me every time – and never better, indeed, than when the woman in question didn’t actually have a handbag. extraordinary to think that this less than promising start led to a romance that redefined the term ‘whirlwind’ and then to an eight-year-marriage that would eventually leave me as emotionally broken as I have ever been.

But on the night I first spotted Rachel Hunter – at an LA nightclub – reason deserted me. The advert also starred Elle Macpherson and Cheryl Tiegs, but the model who’d caught my attention was the Lycra-clad girl with the gorgeous shock of curls who promised to ‘tighten up those frustrating areas that won’t go away’. So when, by a sensational fluke, I came across Rachel in the Roxbury Club that night, she was literally my video dream made flesh. Off the telly.’ I told her and the friend she was with that I was having a little gathering at my place later, if they fancied coming along.

Not only was she as far removed as could be from the stereotype of the flaky model, but she already had money and fame. In my position, that suspicion was always there: does this woman really like me, or just the stuff that surrounds me?

And there was a naivety about Rachel, too – of course there was. I was 45, so there were nearly 25 years between us. She was, quite simply, too young: too young to get married, too young to become caught up in another person’s life, which is what happened. When she flew to New York the next morning, I sent two dozen red roses to her model agency.

Bit of a shame, of course, but a sign that maybe we were at the beginning of something serious.

The following Sunday was September 9: Rachel’s birthday.

This was unprecedented for me – and, given my form, I don’t think you’d have found too many wedding guests prepared to put money on that outcome.

Rod Stewart talks about how Janis Joplin tried to hit of him back in the day and he was terrified of her.

She had a strong masculine energy that intimidated him.

Elton John gave Rod Stewart a Rembrandt as a gift in the mid seventies. The Michael Jackson came in wearing the same jacket so she took hers off.

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Then both Cyndi and Rod get sidetracked talking about all the great ones that are no longer with us.

Apparently, not long after that, he said he felt tired and went upstairs to bed. Almost immediately, though, she had a shoot for Sports Illustrated with Elle Macpherson, in Puerto Rico, which meant she’d be away for three weeks while I was recording in LA.

Or I guess it is the handkerchief of the Lord, A scented gift and remembrancer designedly dropt, Bearing the owner's name someway in the corners, that we may see and remark, and say Whose?… continue reading »

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