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Readers from many places ask about editions of Zecharia's books in other languages.Continuing to make this easier to find, books available in French from have been added to the "Books" page.Much of the knowledge of these ancient people, which they knew because the Anunnaki (those who from heaven to Earth came) told them, has come true, including the color and size of Neptune and Uranus, and the very existence of the outer planets, long before our telescopes could find them.Scientists even suspect another large object in the Kuiper Belt, which might be Nibiru.

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This week Mathieu Ossendrijver published an article in Science magazine about a cuneiform tablet detailing the position of Jupiter based on geometrical calculations by the Babylonians in 350-50 BCE. "The idea of computing a body's displacement as an area in time-velocity space is usually traced back to 14th-century Europe.

Most of the time, when Nibiru came into the vicinity of the solar system near the sun and the other known planets, there were no incidents of concern.