Couple meets after 5 years of dating

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We haven't had any difficult scenarios yet." She said she early gender stereotyping was "harmful"."My mother's very sporty and my dad was very emotional," she said.Cory and Shawn's friendship is tested for the first time, and Cory must often choose between doing what Shawn wants him to do and doing what is best for their friendship.During the second season, Cory, Topanga, and Shawn start high school and meet Jonathan Turner (Anthony Tyler Quinn), an unconventional English teacher. Turner as cool, they soon realize that he is a teacher first—hence why Cory calls him "Feeny with an earring".The first season begins with Cory Matthews (Ben Savage) and his best friend Shawn Hunter (Rider Strong), two average sixth-graders.They do not care about schoolwork, despite the efforts of their longtime teacher George Feeny (William Daniels).Miss Laxton said her son would think nothing of being given flowers – a gift which would embarrass many men.

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His relationship with his elder brother Eric (Will Friedle) becomes confusing as Eric's constant obsession with girls is foreign to Cory, and he becomes more protective of his younger sister Morgan (Lily Nicksay from this season through the end of the second season).

During the third season, Cory finally admits that he wants to ask out Topanga but cannot work up the courage to do it. Although Cory was hurt, he soon realized Shawn set the whole thing up so he could unite Cory and Topanga and make Cory confess his feelings for her.

He tells her how he feels, and they become a couple.

Sasha wears a "ruched-sleeved" girl's shirt as part of his school uniform, and has been banned from sporting combat trousers.

The youngster is also encouraged to wear flowery tops at weekends.

The entire series has since been released on DVD, as well as on i Tunes.